Introduction: Kevin D. Cairns, M.D.

by Kevin Cairns M.D. on June 21st, 2010

We here at Florida Spine Specialists have recently made a commitment to “blogging.”  Our goal is to inform and entertain all who take the time to read our posts; whether you have a casual interest in the field of spinal care or are seeking solutions for your own spinal condition.  We also hope that readers feel obliged to participate, ask questions, and interact.  We’re here to help!

Born in Los Angeles in 1972, I’ve had the opportunity to study physical medicine and spinal care at several outstanding institutions.  After graduating with my Doctorate of Medicine from New York Medical College in 1999.  In 2000, I relocated to Boston to begin my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency with Harvard University.  Completing my Residency in 2003, I was fortunate to continue with a Harvard Fellowship in Neurology in the subspecialty of Nerve and Muscle disorders.  Finally, I completed my training as a fellow in Interventional Spine at Emory University.

With running, biking, and swimming among my favorite hobbies, I was excited to make the permanent move to South Florida.  I spend my early mornings before work training for triatholons and my hope is to one day complete an IronMan race.  Now working alongside fellow spine specialists Dr. Kalman Blumberg and Dr. Harold L. Dalton, I get to do what I love most: help patients suffering with spinal conditions return to active and healthy lives.

Please check out the other posts, comment, ask questions, and provide feedback.  We look forward to continuing the Florida Spine Specialists blog and hope you will too!

Best Regards,
Kevin D. Cairns, M.D.

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  1. Capt Gary permalink

    Hello Dr,
    I have a 27 yr old daughter, that had an osteoblastoma removed from t3-4 ? I think…, aprox 5 years ago. It was pressing on the the dura & spinal cord, leadin to almost total lack of fEEling in he both feet.
    She is again starting to experience similar tingling & lack of feel, in her toes, predominantly on her L. foot. Is this a type of condition that your pratice can assist with & possiably treat, IF needed?
    She did not do any follow up MRI, so I am sure that an MRI will be in order.
    Any good advice & direction is welcome.
    Thank you,
    Ft lauderdale

  2. Dee in NJ permalink

    Hi Dr. Cairns. I wonder if you might have some thoughts for me. I experienced a heavy object dropping on my head nearly 2 years ago. My greatest pain is along my spine from the bottom of cervical to about 2 inches below my shoulder blades, with pain also in my neck. It radiates out and causes trigger points/rigid muscle spasm all over my back, with soreness wrapping around to my chest and abdomen. I have horrible headaches at times that last for days when I do anything that makes my back/neck feel worse. I have limited range of motion in my cervical (50%) and thoracic spine (not paid attention or assessed). Pain to the touch along the back of my arms is constant, though tingling in my palms and pinkies is sporadic. An EMG/nerve conduction found no problems. MRI found 3 diffuse minimally bulging disks (c5 c6 c7). My diagnosis is “cervical strain.” What the heck might be going on here? Everything is being chalked up to whiplash, but it just doesn’t make sense. Trigger point & facet injections, over 50 PT visits, cervical mri and flexion/extension films show nothing but the bulges…only thing helping is gabapentin and hydrocodone, but that doesn’t help me to be able to move, stand, sit, sleep, walk, lift things…what a nightmare this has been. Might I be misdiagnosed and help actually be out there to help me improve this debilitation? I’ve been to osteopath, neurosurgeon, pain management, neuro, pt…really not sure if this is something I just have to live with, or if I might be right that the real problem has not been discovered.

    • Katie permalink

      I am sorry to hear of your situation. The best way for me to give you an accurate opinion, is to examine you and evaluate your studies. I would be happy to help you set up an appointment to see me at your convenience.

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